We Love Our Home

"Our entire home buying experience with Mark was honestly exceptional. You always hear horror stories about builders and how they do not stick with intended move in dates, materials and workmanship is poor and communication is nonexistent. This was not the case with Landmark. From day one dealing with Mark and his entire staff was a pleasure. After the initial dealings with Mark, we worked with both Lyle and Chris on a daily basis. Both know their jobs and always treated me with respect and patience as I can be very needy at times. I was under the pressure of selling a house and buying at the same time so I had a question or concern everyday. With every call, my questions were answered and Lyle help expedite a closing day that did not force my family to literally be homeless.


Mark always kept his word and on more than one occasion did more than I expected in the house. We love our home and we love the neighborhood. Just drive down the block and you will understand how special a block this is. I have and will continue to refer home-buyers to Mark and Landmark."

~ Joe Papagni - The Vistas at East Moriches

A Family Affair

"My son is building a home with an apartment attached for us. I must say we were very impressed with the quality of the way Landmark builds. I have seen other builders and they really cut corners along the way. As for Mark, I can't say enough about him. He is very thoughtful. He takes the time with you and all your questions. (And believe me I had many) Mark spoke to me everytime my husband or I had any thoughts of what we wanted and Mark was very patient with us and never made us feel like we were bothering him. My younger son and his wife live in the same developement. When my older son was looking he told him speak to Mark he really builds a great home. He was correct and we are very happy."

~ Arlene & Gino

The Landmark Difference

"I believe what sets Landmark Properties apart from other builders is how they made my purchasing experience very pleasureable, and stress free. There were many times I changed my decision on something, and all I had to do was either call Mark and/or send an e-mail to Lyle. There was no questioning or hassels, they not only got back to me immediately, but they accomodated my every decision that I made.


Although Mark has been in the building business for over 30 years, he really takes the time out to explain what he is going to do, and he does so with a passion for what he loves to do, build homes for people. Mark not only speaks, but he listens to what you have to say as well, with sincerity. To me that is an outstanding quality to have, especially when dealing with people. Listening to customers wants, needs, ideas, and thoughts are very important. Mark really made me feel like I was part of his team.


One of the best things about my new home is that Mark was able to add on a legal apartment, that I wanted built for my parents. This was so they had a place to stay when they came back to Long Island to visit from Florida. Not to mention that Mark also accomodated my parents wants, needs, ideas, and thoughts. Mark was kind enough to even go as far as having a telephone conference with my parents while they were thousands of miles away in Florida, just to ensure that they were satisfied, and not left in the dark about any questions or decisions they made.


I love everything about my new home and the community is outstanding. Not to mention that my brother and his family live down the block. Everyone is extremely friendly, and welcoming. And even though it is a new community, it feels like we have all known each other and have lived together in the community for years.


I not only have, but would recommend LandMark Properties to anyone interested in having the best home buying experience, and the home of your dreams built."

~ Tim Caruana - The Vistas at Moriches